Established by Taiwan Glass Ind, Corp., TG is a brand that targets younger generations who value their quality of life. TG invited internationally renowned designer, Naoto Fukasawa, to infuse his obser vations of Taiwanese culture into designs for a beautiful series of heat-resistant glassware. Made in Taiwan, this glassware will be sold worldwide.

With Xue Xue Company serving as creative integration consultant in his collaboration with TG, Master Fukasawa conceived of unique brand characteristics for TG by drawing from his experiences of Taiwanese hospitality.

To Fukasawa, Taiwanese people are “friendly,gentle, and sincere”. By implementing these impressions into the product design, he created glass aesthetics exclusively for TG that reflect Taiwan with their warm and fully embodied curves.

Together, Taiwan Glass Group, Naoto Fukasawa, and Xue Xue Company combined their immense level of production technique and design aesthetics with in-depth observations of Taiwanese culture to inject new life into glassware.

For the future, TG plans to work with even more interdisciplinary designers and artists from Taiwan to present the deepest layers of local culture through series of classic glassware that properly represent life in Taiwan.