The Driving Force Behind the Brand

Taiwan Glass Industry Corporation
Established in 1934, Taiwan Glass Industry Corporation, also known as Taiwan Glass or TGI, is a glass manufacturer for tablet computers, mobile devices, food storage containers, and glass fibers. With technical collaborators in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, we manufacture glass products for both the local and international markets. Our company went public in 1973, installed factories in mainland China in 1993, and launched our brand of kitchenware and furniture named TG in 2018.

Naoto Fukasawa
Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese product designer. Fukasawa collaborates with worldleading companies and brands. He also works as a consultant for major international manufacturers. Winner of numerous awards, including the 2018 Isamu Noguchi Award. He published a few books, the recent one is ‘Naoto Fukasawa EMBODIMENT’ (PHAIDON).Since 2012, he is the Director of Nihon Mingei-kan (The Japan Folk Crafts Museum).

The Creative Team from Taiwan

HO Chia-Hsing|Graphic Designer|Timonium lake Studio
Ho Chia-Hsing is a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale). Growing up in Dadaocheng, Taipei, an area in which the past is juxtaposed with the present, he went on to major in calligraphic seal engraving and modern arts at the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. In 2006, he opened a personal studio. There, he implements lines(from calligraphic seal carving) as his design method. For a long time, he has collaborated with artists from across different disciplines and cultivated inventive design dictions through civic life and culture.

Hou Zhen-Su|Architect|Ho + Hou StudioArchitects
Having graduated with a double master’s degree from The Harvard Graduate School of Design and The Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Hou Zhen-Su is a registered architect in New York State and an adjunct assistant professor at NCTU Graduate Institute of Architecture. In 1997, she co-founded the Ho + Hou Studio Architects with Ho Li-Fu and his wife. With a passion for different ranges of spatial design, she explores the essence of spatial design through her international discipline and pluralistic observation.

Uno Lai|Lighting Designer |Unolai LightingDesign & Associates
As the founder of Unolai Lighting Design & Associates, Global director of IALD(International Association of Lighting Designers), a CLD certified lighting designer, and the architectural lighting designer and light art artists for Taipei 101, Uno Lai accumulated a comprehensive level of aesthetic taste and professionalism from his vast and extensive work experience. He has received numerous international awards for the inventive designs that he installed in major cities across the world. In 2018, he received the Awards of Excellence from IALD.

Zhong Bing-hong |Exhibition Designer |Archicake Design
Zhong Bing-hong was born in the wild environment of Taitung, but grew up in the rational atmosphere of Taipei. He is a self-educated architect and earned his license after having graduated from the College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture, NTU. In 2007, he founded Archicake, with which he publishes online architecture magazines and focuses on design and curation. His works cover the visuals of architecture, space, objects, and graphics. He pursues lower limits and converges design thinking, while his curations extend into music, philosophy, and history.

Zan Bo-Kai|Packaging Designer |StudioSans
With the belief that the design process isn’t just about conveying information but a converting element that beautifies life, Zan Bo-Kai feels that design thinking should be aesthetic, creative, and cultural. In 2004, encouraged by the Xue Xue Institutes’ Angel Funding Investment Program, Zan co-established Studio Sans with his associates. There, he has designed the visuals of the exhibitions and portfolios for famous art galleries, reinvented the merchandise catalog for the National Museum of History, and devised corporate identities for popular and emerging companies.

Kao Chi-shun|Photographer|Ji Ben Gong Shi
Having been born in the proximity of Bangka Longshan Temple, Kao Chi-shun is a full-time photographer who is in a continuous collaboration with the publishing company, Ji Ben Gong Shi. He once followed Electric-Techno Neon Gods halfway around the world to promote Taiwanese culture. He specializes in photographing actions, character portraits, and commercial products, as well as famous American athletes and Taiwanese celebrities. Kao has also worked with various international sports and clothing brands.

Ling Jia-Han|Photographer|Student of Xue Xue Institute
Lin Jia-han is an 18-year-old student from Xue Xue Institute who holds a passion for photography. His journey as a photographer began when he owned his first digital camera at the age of 15. In 2017, he photographed the progression in youth at the BTS Education School’s first solo exhibition: Photographing isn’t Merely about Pressing the Shutter. While attending Xue Xue Institute, Lin Jia-han has recorded international masters arranging their exhibitions, such as Simon Chang’s 2017 Solo Exhibition, Left Atrium, The Right Ventricle, and the 2018 special exhibition, An Jixiu’s. Live-Word. With a documentary perspective, Lin Jia-han illustrates the visual impact and narrative elements of humanist photography. In the future, Lin will continue to pursue photography with which he portrays the moments of fleeting minds.